Who we are

Corner Store is a team of video production pros with decades of experience making moving pictures. We’re now focusing our energy on answering the call for quality, fast turnaround, affordable videos. We’re able to do this by keeping the process as simple as possible. You have an idea, we work with you to make it a video and Bob’s your uncle! You've got an awesome video. You can engage your audience more often, in more places, without breaking the bank. High fives all round!! 

We like to keep life simple - it’s literally what we are building our brand on. Life should be as simple and as fun as possible, so give us a shout and we’ll quickly get to the business of making your ideas a reality.

If it turns out your eyes are bigger than your belly, we’ll work with you, get creative, and find a way to make it work. We’re kind of like MacGyver…or a Swiss army knife… just really good at finding ways and tools to make things work.


Rob Malloch - General Manager - Corner Store - Auckland Advertising Agency

Rob Malloch

General Manager

Conversation Starters: Mountain bikes, bikes, anything to do with bikes, rugby, basketball, movies. Fact: Stopped eating potato chips late 2016. Potato chips specifically. Not including hot chips, corn chips or any other starch derived variety that might be commonly known as a ‘chip’.

Scott Douglas - Senior Producer / Camera Operator - Corner Store - Auckland Advertising Agency

Scott Douglas

Senior Producer / Camera Operator

Conversation Starters: Surfing, Cross-fit, Cross-fit, Cross-fit.   

Fact: Has a massive following in Japan under the alter ego Mr Plastic Shine.

Marcus Brill - Editor - Corner Store - Auckland Advertising Agency

Marcus Brill


Conversation Starters: Don’t start a conversation with Marcus, he’s busy editing. Especially don’t ask him about tennis.

Fact: 2-0 Muay Thai kick boxing record. Southpaw. Infinite reach.