What we do


Efficient and Cost Effective Shoots

We keep our shoots short & sweet. Short, because time is precious (and costly). Sweet, because we get every drop of potential out of the time we spend shooting.  We squeeze a lot of flavour into a small serving.


Keen for more likes? Tell us your idea, we’ll help to make it into a video and boom - your now 6.5x cooler than you were when you were posting photos.

Internal Comms

From safety videos to birthday videos, you can make internal comms videos for anything, and you should! The workplace has changed; it’s faster, busier, less centralised and people change jobs more often. Nurture that super important company culture by communicating your business critical messages through the magic of video.


Marmite & chips, jandals & stubbies, events & videos - there are some things in life that just work well together. We contribute great video content to help bring events to life, and then cover the event so you can shout about it the next day. Small or large, we’re in.


We know sport, we love sport. We’re all experienced in producing sports related content and working closely with sports talent. There are some tricks to making sports content really pop… if you want to know more, join our cycling group, it leaves from City Works Depot every Thursday @7.30am.


From testimonials to product showcases, we cover it all and we’ll make sure we get as much as we can from each shoot to help you pump out posts like there’s no tomorrow! Stay relevant, feed the feed.


It’s hard to beat a good food shoot. We have a smorgasbord in our Corner Store cupboards. From videos showing ingredients’ origins, to ‘top down’ style preparation videos, we love it all. When you have the right recipe you can make magic without spending all your pocket money.

How To

Is there anything that can’t be turned into a How To? We haven’t seen it yet. Some recent topics; how to tie a tie, how to cook a whole fish, how to plant a spud-tower, how to draw a swan on your latte. Great for engagement and easy to shoot.

We make making videos simple