How it works

Our secret sauce lies in keeping the process simple and nimble. You come to us with the basic idea or task, we’ll make an action plan to capture what’s needed and transform it into engaging content as soon as humanly (and technically) possible. Video, stills or animation: whatever medium you need at whatever the scale, we’ve got it.
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Short and simple

At our simplest, we offer basic single camera shoots with a fast turnaround, make creating content super easy. We cover events and activations, as well as film, edit and deliver simple pieces to camera for your corporate comms.

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A Small Production

For something a bit bigger, we’ll run a small production with a small crew — ideal for creating testimonials, product demos and how-to’s. It’s everything you need to get a quality video without the fuss. Our crews are experienced pros, using equipment that produces a quality look with great audio.

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The Whole SheBang

When an end-to-end solution is required, we offer a full-service production: from concept and script to filming and post-production. Whether it’s your idea or ours, we’ll create an engaging story for any platform.

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We’re the swiss army knife of resourcefulness when it comes to maximising value for your dollar. Generally speaking, our lightest video productions start from around 4k, while a GIF or animated logo might cost around 1.5k. Let’s korero to see what we can do for your budget.

That’s a tricky one! Some content takes a few days to deliver, others takes weeks or months as we navigate unique challenges. We’ll chat about what’s possible to achieve by your deadline, and put together a production schedule to keep us tracking. 

Whether you come with a plan or are open to ideas, we’ll start by working together to distill what’s the best content possible within your budget to hit your objectives. We’ll team you up with a producer who will move the project seamlessly through pre-production planning, to a fun shoot period, and finally post-production where all the work gets stitched together. 


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